Nasdaq Validator

Nasdaq Validator is an API-independent testing platform offering manual and automated test tools for the capital markets industry. The solution enables less technical resources to engage in the testing and verification process, helping to reduce the cost and complexity of quality assurance while simultaneously bringing new functionality to market more quickly and effectively. Nasdaq Validator features easy-to-use testing tools, visualizations, reporting and replay capabilities that simplify the creation and execution scenarios, making it easy for non-technical users to evaluate new business functionality. The solution can be leveraged with Nasdaq trading and clearing products as well as customer-developed platforms.

With Nasdaq Validator, marketplaces and clearinghouses can help ensure that marketplaces are able to safely and quickly develop and implement new functionality through usage of a single, consolidated testing system.

Benefits of Nasdaq Validator
Accelerates development and deployment of trading, clearing and CSD system components, decreasing overall time-to-market for enhancements and adaptations.
Empowers all users working across the development lifecycle to test as they go, as no programming or scripting language is necessary to utilize the platform.
Helps technology organizations to re-deploy scare technical resources by enabling non-programmers to validate business functionality.
Reduces cost and complexity enabling usage of a single platform that supports concurrent testing of multiple protocols, sessions and simulations.
Improves visibility with an easy-to-read graphical user interface that makes the validation efforts easy and efficient and graphical tools that help guide the user through many complex processes.
Leverage Nasdaq’s expertise; Nasdaq Validator is proven and in-use by Nasdaq.
Features of Nasdaq Validator
Comprehensive test automation, regression test creation, verification and reporting.
Scheduler and reporting that allows for overnight regression suites.
Supports unique customer-provided protocols, in addition to supporting industry standard protocols (FIX, ITCH, OUCH, etc.).
Supports multi-platform, multi-API testing.
Testing templates containing pre-defined order-handling actions and pre-defined expected results; integration with excel.
Replay capabilities that enable users to view any point in time to make testing and bug finding easier.
Provider-agnostic solution that connects to Nasdaq trading, clearing and CSD systems, but also alternative providers.
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