Produce and distribute value-added index products

Exchanges globally need unique ways to differentiate themselves amongst their peers, identify opportunities that will help them to achieve greater visibility, attract new business, keep existing customers, and create new revenue streams for the organization. The creation of bespoke indexes can be a powerful means of diversification to drive marketplaces forward.

Nasdaq Index Calculator

To help marketplaces further diversify their business beyond the trade, Nasdaq’s Index Calculator provides marketplaces an intuitive, visually-rich index calculation platform to compute multi-asset, multi-currency indexes. The solution enables marketplaces to operate and administer index calculations in-house, and provides the flexibility needed to define and create unique products while maintaining operational control and ensuring IP and ownership over the marketplaces’ indexes. Because calculations can be completed in-house, marketplaces can rapidly reduce time-to-market and introduce new products to market in an efficient, effective manner.

Highly customizable and able to handle any type of index or asset type, the solution’s modular design supports efficient implementation of feed handlers, customer index types, calculation algorithms and reports, decreasing time-to-market for new index products.

The Nasdaq Index Calculator connects to Nasdaq’s matching engines and other third-party systems.

Benefits of Nasdaq Index Calculator
Produce and distribute bespoke index product offerings, instead of just consuming other’s indexes
Create new revenue streams to deliver results to the marketplace’s top line
Broaden the product portfolio to bolster the brand and expand its reach
Reduce the time-to-market in delivering innovative offerings to members
Generate more value for members by enabling them to use more products and services from the marketplace
Future-proof your index offering: A flexible, multi-asset, multi-currency engine enables exchanges to create new offerings as their strategy changes and the market evolves.
Features of Nasdaq Index Calculator
Multi-asset, multi-currency coverage
Powerful index administration with management of calculation creation, supervision and maintenance
Broad geographical coverage that can cater to local index creation
Multiple input and output interface handling capabilities
Historical database for historical reporting, restatements and back-testing
Suite of reports to meet your index needs, including predicative reporting, to calculate adjusted index values prior to actual re-calculation
High availability, resiliency and operational security
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