Strategic and Operational Guidance for Market Operations

Nasdaq Market Advisory Services provide market operators, regulators, and government bodies with strategic and operational guidance and help prepare them for future challenges. As an exchange owner, operator and technology provider, Nasdaq has deep exchange industry business expertise and hands-on operational experience. 

We understand first-hand how marketplaces operate, the challenges they face and the complex technology infrastructure that is required to support them. 

To date, Nasdaq’s Market Advisory Services team has provided strategic and operational guidance to more than 60 exchange industry clients in 25 countries.

Typical advisory projects include volume & market share analysis, revenue analysis, member liquidity analysis, member health analysis, outlier analysis and more.

Sample of Previous Market Advisory Services Engagements
Operational Processes:  Guiding implementation of new operational processes
Products & Services:  Developing new product lines and services
Process Improvement:  Developing action plans to attract new listings, develop governance processes and capital adequacy rules, improving trading, clearing and settlement efficiency
Partnership Development:  Building regional partnerships
Exchange Venue Development:  Setting up new trading venues
Change Management: Supporting change management projects
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