Helping market operators obtain useful, actionable information in a timely manner

To compete in today’s data driven marketplace, information is key to both gaining an advantage and also staying agile and relevant. While accurate, accessible data is undeniably crucial , obtaining that data in a timely manner – especially across multiple formats and sources– continues to be a challenge.

To help market operators obtain that useful, actionable information in a timely manner, Nasdaq provides a modularized suite of interoperable business applications for data and analytics that are tailor-made for exchanges looking to leverage their cross-silo data more effectively. The suite, which is made up of Nasdaq Analyzer, Visualizer and Reporting, has the ability to leverage data from Nasdaq trading, clearing, risk, market surveillance. Business Applications, and other third-party systems, and marry and dynamically visualize data points across those systems to gain real-time insight.

Nasdaq Data + Analytics Offerings:

Nasdaq Visualizer: Visualizer enables visualization of any data that is connected to Nasdaq Core providing the ability to correlate multiple data sources across business siloes to gain a true understanding of why certain occurrences are happening.

Nasdaq Analyzer: A business application that enables advanced calculations to be performed on any of the data sources connected to the Core, in addition to data connected to other data warehouses or external applications. Combined with Visualizer, Analyzer provides marketplaces a powerful solution that brings actionable intelligence needed to empower effective decision making.

Nasdaq Reporting: Scheduled, event-driven and, ad-hoc reporting capable of reporting on any statistics that can be gathered from any data source and data store that connect to the Nasdaq Core.

Interacting with the Nasdaq Core, the suite is also empowered by unrivalled scalability, throughput and reliability that drives the robust performance of the Nasdaq Financial Framework, thus enabling exchanges to more quickly and effectively visualize and analyze data. These time savings can help exchanges discover new correlations between unimaginable data points and identify hidden business opportunities that could have easily been missed. Due to the agile Nasdaq Financial Framework, exchange can quickly take those new insights, create new offerings and bring them to market quickly to gain a competitive advantage.

Usage Areas:

  • Volumes & Market Share Analysis
  • Market Overview
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Member Liquidity Analysis
  • Strategy Tracking
  • Member Health Analysis
  • Outlier Analysis
  • Latency monitoring
Features of Nasdaq Core Data Suite
Multi-asset coverage
Easily accessible real-time and historical data storage
Pre-defined dashboards and reports covering a number of use cases
Customizable dashboard with included design tool
Supports multiple user roles across the organization including product management, client services, listing services and executive management
Flexible architecture easily maps to an organizations preferred tools
Flexible and scalable business functionality that is interoperable with other Nasdaq Core
Business applications, as well as offerings from third-party providers
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