Exclusive Interview with Nets CEO Bo Nilsson .

On the occasion of the launch of the biggest FinTech IPO of 2016, Nasdaq interviewed Nets CEO.

Exclusive Interview with Nets CEO Bo Nilsson

What kind of company is Nets?

Nets is a leading payment services provider in the Nordics. We form the backbone in a network that connects businesses, corporations, financial institutions and consumers. The Nordics are amongst the most attractive regions as it provides a high penetration of digital payments due to the financial sectors’ early adoption of financial payments technology, but also because Nordic consumers are global first movers when it comes to technology. We are a key part in supporting and securing the day to day digital payments in the Nordics , and Nets is continuously building on this trust and technological expertise and expand into new and innovative payment services.

What sets the Nordics aside in technology?

I think that in the Nordics we have managed to make great strides in the past within technology because of the nature of our societies. We have a high level of quality education, affluent consumers who place a high level of trust in new technologies and business, and Nordic consumers have become accustomed to seamless payment services that place them – not the payment services - at the centre. Given the Nordics’ defined geography, high consumer adoption, education and technological sophistication the region early on became a perfect test ground for frontier technology in payment services. Today, you can pay cab fares, groceries, your morning coffee and even perform transactions between friends and family via your smartphone. We power that technology.

Strategy going forward?

The past couple of years have seen a transformation of Nets into an increasingly costumer oriented organisation focusing on leveraging our technical capabilities and scalable platform while positioning ourselves for future growth through product innovation and increased presence throughout the Nordics.

Why is Nets going public?

Going public is the natural next step for Nets as a company marking a major milestone in our company transformation. Becoming a listed company and reducing our debt will give us a strong platform to invest further take advantage of new opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming the public to join our journey as a leading provider of payment services affecting everyday life throughout the Nordics. With the listing we are inviting all consumers to become owners of products such as the Dankort and be part of the Nordic FinTech transformation.

Why Nasdaq?

In the Nordics, Nasdaq is the natural choice, but it is also a platform that matches our own Nordic tech profile. As I understand it, the physical trading floor at the exchange was abandoned for a fully electronic transaction process in 1987, which is just a few years after we introduced the Dankort, which today is ubiquitous and a household name that is an integral part of everyday life in Denmark.

At the same time, the exchange offers investor visibility and gives the Nets share a reach to both local and global investors. In Denmark, local retail involvement is strong, and listing at Nasdaq Copenhagen will provide visibility for our employees as well as general public.

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