Faces of Entrepreneurship: Farrukh Malik .

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco has quickly become a hub for entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. Here are some of the entrepreneurs who have stopped by the Center to learn and grow.

Faces of Entrepreneurship: Farrukh Malik


"I'm a finance nerd with a business acumen. For me the big challenge was putting the team together. Getting to work with the right people. A lot of what I did was not textbook entrepreneurship. I was a solo founder. I was doing something very tech-heavy, which I didn't have a background in. But it's all about putting the right team together. That's the first thing I did. I knew what I wanted, I found the right people, and put together the right team to implement what I wanted to do.”-- Farrukh Malik, Photo: @rawbeez

Farrukh Malik, Founder of Roomored

Nasdaq's Education Foundation helped launch The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in the fall of 2015. Located in San Francisco, it has quickly become the go to destination for the next generation of risk takers and idea makers who take the plunge into entrepreneurship.
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