Women in Exchange Technology: Loretta Joseph, Sydney Stock Exchange .

Celebrating the success of women in FinTech.

Women in Exchange Technology: Loretta Joseph, Sydney Stock Exchange

By Katherine Sheridan / Global Marketing Intern, Nasdaq

Loretta Joseph is the Director of Business Development at the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX). With over 25 years of experience in financial markets, Loretta has developed a keen sense of skills that enable her to be one of the most highly dynamic and fast-thinking women in her field. Recently, Loretta was awarded the Fintech Australia “Female leader of 2016” and Sancta Sophia College Alumni Award 2016 for Social Impact. We had the pleasure to sit down with Loretta to learn more about how she landed in the business of exchange technology and how being a female in the industry has played a key role in her career.

On Choosing Technology as Her Career Path

An advisor to several international banks, global hedge and pension funds, Loretta has been responsible for managing portfolio and exposure to derivatives and related products. She has worked for major investment banks at Board, MD or senior management level throughout Asia and India including, RBS, Macquarie Group, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Elara Capital. Loretta also currently chairs the advisory council of ADDCA (Australian Digital Currency and commerce Association) for Blockchain technology. An expert in many financial fields, Loretta emphasizes how FinTech is the future of exchanges. “I am for the greatest amount of efficiency I can get in the smallest amount of time,” Loretta says about why she chose technology as her career path. “I don’t always believe what’s going on in the past should be in the future. I like to break the rules and (maximize) efficiency. “

On Being a Woman in Technology

During her career, Loretta lived in India for almost a decade working in the financial markets. “It’s always been a challenge in the financial markets and in financial technology,” says Loretta when asked about the challenges she’s had to overcome throughout the course of her career. A single mother in India was not her ideal situation; however, she was able to take the opportunity to prove herself as a leader in FinTech and as a powerful woman in the workforce. “I like to challenge the status quo,” she says. “But that’s why I like technology…it challenges that status quo.”

Not only was India a challenging experience, it gave Loretta the opportunity to grow. She strongly believes that if she had stayed in Australia, she never would have been the manager of banks or have been able to make reach such tremendous heights in her career. “I’m one of the few females that have been in the industry this long and has had an interest in FinTech,” she says. “It’s been an incredible opportunity (and I) would neve have it any other way.”

On Her Advice for Young Professionals

Loretta is confident that blockchain technology will be the second phase of the internet as we know it, changing the financial industry and even the world. She encourages students to understand coding and the fundamentals of technology, collaborating with one another and learning on a global scale.

As a mentor to millennials, she emphasizes pieces of advice that aspiring corporates should follow. “Learn another language. Go live in another country. Go experience something else. Get out of your comfort zone,” says Loretta. “When you change existing processes, that’s when you revolutionize, that’s when you disrupt.”

Loretta currently resides in Sydney, Australia. She enjoys traveling, yoga, running, educating underprivileged children and of course, empowering women.

Watch a recent video interview with Loretta Joseph and David Lawrence, COO, Sydney Stock Exchange:

Katherine Sheridan is a Global Marketing intern for Market Technology at Nasdaq. She is in her senior year at Elon University working towards a BSBA in Finance and a BSBA in Marketing and will graduate in May 2017. Katherine has a passion for empowering women and encouraging them to grow in the financial technology industry.
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