Blockchain Reports: Citi Ventures .

From the Consensus Summit 2017, Nasdaq spoke with a variety of blockchain experts. This episode was a conversation between Nasdaq's CTO Brad Peterson and Head of Cit Ventures' Vanessa Colella.

Blockchain Reports: Citi Ventures

By Kevin Feather / Digital Content Strategy

Nasdaq's Chief Technology Officer, Brad Peterson spent time with Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer at Citi and Head of Citi Ventures at the Consensus Summit 2017. Consensus has become an annual gathering for executives of companies that are working with blockchain technology to create innovative new products and services.

Peterson and Colella discuss the announcement of both Nasdaq and Citi Ventures investment in Chain.com to explore new technologies and solutions for clients.

Equity Partnership in Chain.com

During their conversation, Colella provided an overview of Citi Ventures efforts in the San Francisco area to identify and work with entrepreneurs in new technologies that have solutions or potential solutions to meet the company's client's needs. This is how the company became involved with Chain.com. They began to build a relationship with the company soon after it was founded. Citi was interested in how they were experimenting with blockchain technology. Together with Nasdaq, Cit Ventures made an equity investment in the company.

Nasdaq Partnership with Citi on the IDEO Co-Lab

The two technology execs also discussed their companies' efforts in the IDEO Co-Lab partnership. This partnership has focused on how blockchain technology could provide solutions for problems either faced by clients, but also to explore new areas of interest to all parties.

Watch the Entire Interview

Watch this Nasdaq interview from Consensus Summit 2017 via the Facebook Live video here or below:

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