Cloud Reports: Tien Tzuo of Zuora .

This episode of Cloud Reports features Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO of Zuora.

Cloud Reports: Tien Tzuo of Zuora

By Kevin Feather / Digital Content Strategy

Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora joined Nasdaq's David Wicks at the Nasdaq MarketSite to discuss his company, its culture and their platform. Below are a few of the questions and answers during this interview.

Tien, tell us about your background?

Tien: I grew up in New York and started at Oracle and then was an early employee at SalesForce for 9 years before starting Zuora, which has been around for almost 10 years now.

Tell us about Zuora and what it is focused on?

Tien: The vision started back in 2007. We saw a world where you no longer had to buy products, instead you could subscribe to them. 

For example, why buy a car if you can take out your phone and get from point A to point B with your application? Or why buy software if you can use Google Apps or SalesForce.com? Why buy dvds or individual movies if you could get any movie or music streamed to you from a Netflix or Spotify? 

So we called this a subscription economy. We believe the whole world is going to shift to a subscription economy. We're not going to own anything anymore, instead we'll subscribe to services to meet our day-to-day needs.

What do you think has driven the shift to subscription economy so fast?

Tien: I think that a lot of this is the technology that is available today. When we started, the iPhone had just come out in 2007. They didn't have an app store yet, so some of this was betting the come. Then came cloud computing, mobile devices, always-on-networks -- a lot of it then makes sense to provide things as services. 

But more than that, I think it is a natural state of doing things. Hundreds of years ago, people worked with each other. You went to your local blacksmith, local butcher, and the local grocer. You worked with that person that was the expert in that space to tap into their services. So the Internet and mobile devices allow us to go back to that way of doing things. The relationship between service providers and customers.

A lot has happened since you founded the company in 2007, tell us about Zuora's culture, what is it?

Tien: When starting a company you think a lot about the culture. We decided to go in a different direction instead of a top-down approach. We decided to let our employees decide for themselves. They came up with the term ZEO to define who each employee was. They tell stories about what are the best ZEO behavior. This allows both old and new employees to participate in the conversation. 

Each time there can be learnings passed from old to new. You can tell by the word ZEO that there is a sense of accountability, ownership and sense of responsibility. The stories at company meetings help to carry that forward.

Watch the entire Nasdaq interview with Tien Tzuo via the Facebook Live video here or below:

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