Nasdaq Board Trivia: 15 Years After Sarbanes-Oxley .

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions #BoardroomTrivia explores hot-button issues affecting today’s corporate boardrooms. This month, we’re recognizing the 15-year anniversary of Sarbanes-Oxley.

Nasdaq Board Trivia: 15 Years After Sarbanes-Oxley

Fifteen years ago, investor confidence was at a record low in the wake of the dot-com bubble and corporate accounting scandals (most notably WorldCom and Enron). The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, commonly referred to as SOX, was Congress’ answer to improving the corporate governance landscape. The act included several provisions designed to allocate responsibility, enhance criminal punishments, and ensure a better system of checks and balances among corporate boards and management. Now, 15 years later, has the legislation accomplished what it was designed to achieve?

While a perfect world is unattainable, investor confidence has certainly made great strides since SOX was enacted—and the board governance landscape has been shaped significantly since that time. This month’s #BoardroomTrivia questions focused on three ‘boardroom anniversaries’ that all seem to fall around the same milemarker:

  • 15 year anniversary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • 10 year anniversary of The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ)
  • 1 year anniversary of Nasdaq’s acquisition of Boardvantage

In this month’s #BoardroomTrivia discussion (via Facebook LIVE), the three events are tied together in the context of today’s fast-evolving governance landscape. In the May 2nd broadcast, Nasdaq’s Jill Malandrino was joined by TK Kerstetter (host of Inside America’s Boardrooms) and Cindy Fornelli (Executive Director of the Center for Audit Quality) to answer this month’s trivia questions. Think you know the answer? Scroll down & watch the broadcast to see how you did:




Millennials were a common thread in this month’s discussion; this young generation is not only confident in today’s capital markets, but they’re driving several trends in board communication as well. Nasdaq’s Matthew Healy (VP & Head of Governance, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions) recently appeared on Inside America’s Boardrooms to discuss the evolution of board portals and the factors that are driving technological change in today’s boardrooms. Don’t miss that episode, “Board Portals: What’s Next as Boards Go Digital?”, below:

More information from the Main Street Investor Survey can be accessed on the CAQ’s website. Tune in next month!




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