Reimagining the Markets of Tomorrow .

FIA Expo will feature Nasdaq's Futures (NFX) team to discuss how NFX has emerged as a necessary disruptor to the markets.

Reimagining the Markets of Tomorrow

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At Nasdaq, we’re relentlessly reimagining the markets of today. That’s why we sought to rewrite the status quo by combating the duopolistic uncompetitiveness that energy traders face with incumbent exchanges with the launch of our first futures exchange, Nasdaq Futures (NFX).

NFX emerged as a necessary disruptor to the market by offering trading in futures and options in 26 products on key energy benchmarks -- the same as those traded predominantly on CME and ICE -- including oil, natural gas and U.S. power. We saw an opportunity to rewrite the future of energy trading by allowing market participants to further diversify their portfolios through a competitive fee structure and a cost-effective horizontal clearing model with the OCC.

As a result, we have witnessed incredible support and positive feedback from across the industry. With a few highlights from our first year and beyond:

  • Significant savings to the industry
  • At the one-year mark, NFX hit 5% market share in oil, natural gas, and US power derivatives
  • Consistent market share of 18+% in natural gas options in both volume and open interest
  • More than 150 firms have transacted on the NFX platform
  • More than 3.5 million in open interest

We believed the energy markets were ripe for competition – and we’re not done. There’s more opportunity out there that will allow us to expand into new commodity and financial assets classes in the future. Nasdaq is reimagining the futures markets. We’re rewriting tomorrow.

As a global technology partner, Nasdaq is helping to spur economic growth in emerging countries where capital markets have yet to reach their full potential. Learn how we are rewriting tomorrow.
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