How is Market Volatility Impacting IPOs? CNBC Interview with Nasdaq’s Nelson Griggs .

CNBC’s Squawk Box program spoke to Nelson Griggs about the current state of initial public offerings amidst the backdrop of market uncertainty.

How is Market Volatility Impacting IPOs? CNBC Interview with Nasdaq’s Nelson Griggs

Nelson Griggs, President, Nasdaq Stock Exchange spoke to CNBC’s Squawk Box on February 8 about the recent market volatility and its impact to current and upcoming initial public offering (IPO) pricings. This week marks a high volume week for IPOs. Griggs explained that two deals anticipated this week did push out to a later date. However, last night, six to seven IPOs priced, most within the range. Griggs said two or three deals are expected to round out the week. Overall he believes the current activity is a good indicator of institutions’ continued interest in initial public offerings. The performance of recent IPOs and how they are currently trading will also serve as an indicator of the upcoming IPO climate.

Looking ahead, Griggs sees a very strong IPO pipeline for March and April, including a number of technology IPOs, specifically enterprise technology companies. Addressing the question of many companies choosing to stay private, he cites the wide range of access to private capital today, enabling many companies to choose to stay private because they are able to select their own timeline. Griggs notes that 2017 was by far Nasdaq Private Market’s busiest year for helping private companies get access to liquidity.

Griggs rounded out the interview discussing Nasdaq’s announcement to move its global headquarters from downtown Manhattan to the Nasdaq MarketSite at 4 Times Square .

Watch the CNBC interview with Nelson Griggs here .

Nelson Griggs of Nasdaq on Market Volatility and Impact on IPOs

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