Nasdaq at Inside ETFs 2018 .

Nasdaq Showcases its Indexing and ETF Business at the Biggest ETF Conference in the World.

Nasdaq at Inside ETFs 2018

This year, Nasdaq joined the world’s number one ETF event, Inside ETFs, which included over 2,500 attendees and 200 speakers from over 50 countries.

The four-day conference brings together players from asset management, wealth management, investment banking, and financial technology firms to discuss trends in the ETF sector.

This year’s conference had a packed agenda that highlighted the best new ETFs, hidden gems, and new ETF related-solutions for investing problems.

Throughout the event, Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter at Nasdaq, hosted a series of #TradeTalks with many of the firm's business partners. Featured in these videos below are also Nasdaq's Bjorn Sibbern, Dave Gedeon, Jay Gragnani, and Steve Oh. Each provide their views on the current growth and future of ETFs.

Bjorn Sibbern, Executive Vice President of Nasdaq’s Global Information Services, describes Nasdaq’s role in the ETF business. Sibbern provided an overview of Nasdaq’s Global Index business which calculates indexes for ETF issuers and customers across all asset classes and geographies.

Sibbern spoke about how Nasdaq works with ETF sponsors throughout the launch and life of new ETFs, and he stressed the importance of Nasdaq working with ETF issuers on a global scale. In fact, he noted three new ETFs or ETNs will be launched in APAC (Asia Pacific).

Dave Gedeon, Head of Research & Development for Nasdaq’s Global Information Services business, discussed Nasdaq’s index business, which dates back to when the exchange was first founded in 1971 with the launch of the Nasdaq Composite. Gedeon noted that when he joined Nasdaq in 2005, Nasdaq calculated about 40 indexes, and today the company calculates over 45,000 indexes. He also noted that on the ETF front, Nasdaq has grown from just 12 licensed ETFs to 332 licensed ETFs today.

Jay Gragnani, Head of the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright brand, specified that he and his team focus on the technical analysis, more specifically, the “Point & Figure” methodology. This methodology helps provide investment tools and research for the financial advisor community. Tom Dorsey and Watson Wright founded the firm (Dorsey, Wright & Associates) in January of 1987 with the mission to support advisors in their careers. It has been three years since Nasdaq acquired the company.

Gragnani commented that for this coming year, it will be a continuation of 2017. This includes continued leadership within the U.S. equity market and equities throughout the globe. While the market is being overbought, his belief is that the market will continue to see a healthy environment. He stressed that one of the beneficial aspects of the Point & Figure method is that Nasdaq can provide a logical and organized plan of understanding the unbalances of supply and demand, so that if there are any fragmentation within the market, it is something that can be viewed and understood via use of the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Point & Figure charts.

Steve Oh, Director of ETF Product and Listing at Nasdaq, focused attention on the importance of attending conferences, like Inside ETFs 2018. Oh has been attending ETF conferences and other industry conferences in general for the last 15 years. Whether domestic or international, these conferences, Oh noted allow him to catch up with attendees he knows or to network with potential new contacts.

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