TDAmeritrade and Adena Friedman Discuss Value of Data for Retail Investors .

JJ Kinahan of TD Ameritrade's Real Talk sat down with Adena Friedman to discuss Nasdaq's market data and technology and its value for retail investors.

TDAmeritrade and Adena Friedman Discuss Value of Data for Retail Investors

Nasdaq's President and CEO, Adena Friedman talked with JJ Kinahan of TD Ameritrade on a variety of topics of importance to the retail investor. This interview touched on the importance of data for the retail investor. 

Here are a few of the questions covered and quick quotes from Adena Friedman from their discussion.

Our audience is the retail investor. Can you start by telling us why Nasdaq is important to them? Why does the Nasdaq exist?

"We're here to make sure that every retail investor understands where the stocks are trading, what the price information is. Nasdaq provides transparent stock, option and treasury markets. We ensure every retail investor understands what the prices are for securities and allow investors to have seamless access to trade into that price on an instantaneous basis."

Why is the lack of IPOs a problem and can actually hurt the retail investor?

"We need to make the U.S. public market more competitive. Our goal is to allow entrepreneurs and new companies to come to Nasdaq to raise capital, grow their business and create more jobs. There are a lot of ways to raise capital today. Our goal is to make the path to going public and being a publically traded company easier from a regulatory standpoint."

Nasdaq has been on the cutting-edge of technology, that's how it was founded, what do you think the changes in technology have helped retail investors the most?

"The amount of data available to investors today is incredible. Data is going to become intelligence, and intelligence then gives a better ability to make smarter investing decisions. Our technology provides the ability to process that data into trading decisions, with instantaneous access to markets. Its imperative that investors know that they can get size done on the price that they see on the screen.

Fast forward to tomorrow, we are layering data, plus machine learning and quantum computing to parse through even larger amounts of data to make simultaneous decisions even faster. This makes sure Nasdaq protects the integrity of the markets to ensure investors have safe markets to participate in."

Where does the human judgement or human touch fit into trading?

"Human judgement and creativity will always be a major part of the markets." 

What are your feelings about data and the individual?

"At the end of the day, what is the value of what you can bring to the market? 

To watch the full video, visit Real Talk with JJ Kinahan or click the video below:


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