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    Member Portal 

    Nasdaq Nordic - Nasdaq Commodities - Nasdaq Baltic

    Allows members to manage access, accounts, ports, configurations

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Simplicity and Control

Submit and track online requests – Manage INET and Genium INET connections – Verify membership configurations – Manage Traders and IDs – Download reports - Access multiple memberships – Always up to date – Reliable and secure – 24/7 PC and mobile access

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Easy Access
Access to multiple memberships via same log-in. Direct and secure access.
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Manage Nasdaq Memberships
All membership data and configuration in one place. Find information and make updates online.
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Control Over User Rights
Manage trader authorizations and trading IDs. Request changes and view existing authorizations in lists and reports.
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Manage INET & Genium INET Connections
Verify your Technical Configurations (FIX, OUCH, ITCH, Nordic Workstation, Clearing Workstation, Trading Workstation, Trade-Guard, PRM and other user types). View lists, details and reports and make requests.
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Submit and Track Requests Online
Request technical access, accounts and other services. Reduce paperwork and save time.

Flexible Access Through One User Login

Member firms and other companies with a Nasdaq customer relationship will have separate setups within the portal for each membership category they represent:

  • Cash Equities
  • Cash Fixed Income
  • Derivatives Markets
  • Commodities

As an end user you will be able to view data and submit requests on behalf of one or more memberships with a single user login.

User Roles

Permissions for each portal user, based on one or more defined role:

  • Member Administrator 
  • Full Authorization
  • Compliance 
  • Authorized Requestor Back Office 
  • Authorized Requestor IT 
  • Authorized Requestor Trading 
  • Customer Accounts 
  • Read Only
Access & Apply

. How to get access?

Appoint one or several administrator(s)
to manage the membership on Nasdaq's member portal by following these steps:

  1. Complete the Administrator Appointment Form 
  2. Prepare signatory evidence (see further details in the Administrator Appointment Guide)
  3. Scan the form and signatory evidence documents 
  4. Send by email to memberportal@nasdaq.com 
  5. Receive login details from Nasdaq to the appointed Administrator! 

Additional Users

Once set up, the Administrator(s) can set up additional users with different levels of access and responsibilities. Only one application and one login is necessary for different memberships under the Nasdaq Cash, Derivatives and Commodities rulebooks. Use the same form and check more than one rulebook.


Applications may also be submitted by independent software vendors (ISVs) and other participants with an existing Nasdaq relationship.

Further information on the access process is available in the Adminstrator Appointment Guide

Need Personal Account?

If your firm is already set up with a portal administrator, you may apply for a personal account today!

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Member Portal Operations

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