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At Nasdaq, we’re committed to developing innovative products to drive the markets of tomorrow. That’s why we’re offering more choice in the interest rate derivatives marketplace with DV01 Treasury Futures, our duration product that allows you to hedge against the price sensitivity of a portfolio.

As an innovative and precise alternative in the fast growing rates futures marketplace, DV01 Treasury Futures helps to add certainty to the Treasury markets and provide market participants with the opportunity to improve efficiency, consolidate liquidity and maintain a level playing field in the rates market.

Market Commentary

Trade Talks: Introducing DV01 Treasury Futures

Ted Bragg, Head of U.S. Fixed Income, discusses the launch of Nasdaq’s new duration product.

Hedge with Confidence: Nasdaq DV01 Treasury Futures

Now trading on NFX, learn more about how this new product will offer choice in the interest rate derivatives marketplace.

Efficiently Manage Portfolio Interest Rate Risk

Read more about how to hedge against portfolio price sensitivity >

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