NFX Membership & Onboarding Resources


NFX approved Futures Participants are provided a permit to transact business on NFX. Clearing Futures Participants may offer direct-access relationships with customers, upon approval by NFX.

Block Trade

Block Trade Reporting can be done either through the use of an ISV, writing to the API or by using the NasdaQ-Port application. This is a web based tool that allows for the reporting of Block Trades on NFX. To obtain credentials please complete the NasdaQ-port Request Form. 

The NasdaQ-Port application can be used for both Block Trade Reporting and administration of Block Broker.


1. Decide Environment(s) 

Each firm should reflect on their individual requirements when reflecting on how to access NFX and if this will include proprietary software (as opposed to only independent software vendors (ISVs). Below are some of the on boarding requirements applicable to each catagory: ISV 


  • Make request and confirm with ISV that they will have readiness that corresponds with the launch timeline. 
  • Confirm that the ISV will provide the network connectivity to the NFX infrastructure. 
  • Register at least one ITCH or FIX market data port. 

Proprietary software Requirements

  • Arrange for network connectivity to our market infrastructure. 
  • Register at least one ITCH or FIX market data port. Participants will have to pass a 
  • Participant Entrance Test in our Test Environment before they will be certified to trade proprietary for execution software. 

2. Determine and communicate if your firm will be integrating to any of the following NFX APIs? 

  • FIX Order Entry 
  • FIX Drop (Drop Copy) 
  • FIX Reference Data 
  • ITCH Market Data (reference date and full orderbook information) 
  • Auxiliary Market Data (AMD)(off exchange trades and settlement prices) 

If yes to any of the above? Then please: 

  • Register intent (of connecting to the NFX API) with your NFX onboarding contact. 
  • Obtain access to the test environment during December and prepare for connectivity to the production site (350 Cermak) 
  • Successfully complete conformance testing during February/March 2015 (trading software) 
  • Have successfully participated in Dress Rehearsals

Market Data

To initiate NFX data, firms must submit the appropriate documentation and receive prior approval from Nasdaq.

For the complete list of Nasdaq market data agreements and forms, please refer to the Nasdaq Global Data Products Agreements and Forms page. 

To order this data on a stand-alone terminal/controlled display product, end users or end-user firms should contact their market data vendor for the appropriate agreements and forms. 

For additional questions, please contact your Global Data Products Account Representative or Nasdaq Global Data Sales at +1 301 978 5307 (Option #1) or +45 33 93 33 66.

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