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– a web-based, next generation user interface improving the way you access Nasdaq Clearing

Q-Port – faster time to market of new functionality that’s easy to use

In order to improve the service to our members and participants, Nasdaq has launched Q-Port, a new user interface that provides a faster time to market of new functionality that’s easy to use. With the launch of Q-Port, the current Clearing Workstation 2 (CW2) will be retired.

Q-Port is built to help you fulfill all necessary MiFID II requirements in a faster and easier way. With Q-Port you will have access to your full trade lifecycle, from trade reporting and margin simulation to position management and settlement.

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Q-Port in brief

Q-Port is a clearing application consisting of a number of different views, which allow you to perform after-trade tasks and calculate theoretical prices.

It provides a user-friendly setting, in which you are able to:

  • Easily see mandatory fill-in fields in any given view. Such fields are indicated by an asterisk.
  • Avoid user errors by using confirmations in all views.
  • Customize views by, for example, filtering data in any given view and saving personal settings per view, workspace, and user.
  • Save your changes.


Next generation user interface

Q-Port supports the same functionality as CW2. Some of the key features include:

  • State-of-the-art trade reporting and margin simulation.
  • Enhanced views based on member feedback and industry standards.
  • Access via Google Chrome or Internet Explorer with no installation required.
  • Simple and secure connectivity via existing extranet connection or with 2-factor authentication and SSL internet encryption Smart features such as auto-complete and linking of related views.
  • Improved response times.
  • MiFID II ready.



Many of the input fields in Q-Port allow you to take advantage of the autocomplete function. Simply type a character in the input field and a list of values will appear in a drop-down list. The more characters you add in the field, the more you will narrow down the list of alternatives to choose from.


Linked Views

Q-Port allows you to link views together, thereby providing you with the possibility to let a filter in one view also affect other views. Linking views is also a way to customize workspaces. Follow the below steps to link two or several of the linkable views together.

  1. In a workspace, open the views that you wish to link together.
  2. In one of the views, click the link button. The frame surrounding the view becomes highlighted.
  3. Do the same for the other views. The frame for all linked views becomes highlighted. 

The views are now linked, and the highlighted frames of each of the linked views signal this.

Get a Sneak Preview!

Trade Report for Commodities - the autocomplete feature allows for a quick way to enter the trade information – just start typing and Q-port will try to suggest the necessary information.

Trade Report for Financials It is now much easier to report your financial trades in Q-port, the system will verify the information accuracy before submitting the trade.

Flexible Search- you can now search through any column by using the flexible search feature – simply start typing and a drop-down list will appear with suggestions on what criteria it is possible to filter the results on. Apply multiple filters for the most accurate output.

Trade History- perform various tasks on a trade by right-clicking on it and choosing from a menu, this allows you to complete the operation quicker.

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Clearing User Accounts in Member Portal - Short Guide

For Clearing related questions, as well as reporting any functional issues, please contact Clearing Operations:
+46 8 405 6880

For assistance with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) installation as well as reporting any functional issues, please contact Technical Support:
+46 8 405 6280 - 2FA
+46 8 405 6750 - functional issues

For user access questions, please contact Member Services:
+46 8 405 6660

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