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Revitalize: Reigniting America’s Economic Engine

Update on Nasdaq's Blueprint to Revitalize Markets

Nasdaq’s Commitment to Reforming U.S. Capital Markets

U.S. equities markets are a fundamental engine of innovation, economic growth and prosperity.

Yet, despite the successes of U.S. markets, there is more that can be done to grow jobs, fuel the economy and create long-term wealth.

In 2017, we unveiled the Blueprint to Revitalize Capital Markets.

Since the launch of our blueprint, we have seen many positive developments within Congress, federal agencies, and the business community at large, including:

  1. Changes by the SEC to the process for removing repetitive, unsuccessful proposals from proxies
  2. Movement in Congress to enhance transparency and fairness in the proxy advisory industry
  3. Growing support from the business community to streamline and allow flexibility in quarterly reporting obligations for small and medium growth companies
  4. Interest at the SEC in helping smaller public companies by consolidating displayed liquidity onto a single trading venue
  5. The U.S. Treasury Department’s 2017 Report, "A Financial System That Creates Economic Opportunities - Capital Markets

Our equities markets are built on timeless, proven principles, but the markets of tomorrow require a new way of thinking.


Revitalizing the Markets: 3 Key Areas

Modernization of Market Structure

A one-size-fits-all market structure deprives some companies of the benefits they need to participate and succeed in public markets. 

Nasdaq supports efforts to:

  • Strengthen markets for smaller companies;
  • Deploy intelligent minimum price movements for small and medium growth companies and;
  • Cultivate innovative solutions that improve the trading of small and medium growth companies.
News on Modernization of Market Structure:

Promotion of a Long-Term View

A culture in the investment community and in the mainstream media has created an imbalance between the value of long-term return and short-term potentials. 

Nasdaq supports changes to this short-term view by:

  • Increasing the flexibility of reporting obligations;
  • Enhancing transparency around activist investing;
  • Equalizing short interest transparency and;
  • Supporting the dual class structure that is critical to attracting the most innovative and growing companies to participate in public markets.
News on Promotion of a Long-Term View:

Revitalize: What You Need to Know

Learn how your investments, company and the economy can benefit from stronger capital markets.

Ways to Reverse the Vanishing IPO

An overview of the report, “Expanding the IPO On-Ramp: Recommendations to Help More Companies Go and Stay Public”.

Revitalize: Revisiting the regulatory framework

We explore updating the regulatory framework in greater detail in this latest video.
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