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Nasdaq Private Market

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) is a leading provider of liquidity solutions for private securities. Our mission is to make liquidity more accessible and efficient for today’s private securities through innovative technology solutions.

Private Companies

Designed for private companies, NPM provides structured and controlled liquidity to shareholders and employees through an online platform. Used by leading private companies across the globe, NPM allows companies to manage their shareholder base and provide liquidity on their terms.


To address the challenges of liquidity in alternative investments, NPM has developed an ecosystem to connect investors with interested secondary market participants through an online auction-based platform. Alternative investment fund managers can now provide liquidity to their current investors while expanding access to new investors.

Resource Center

Leading subject matter experts explore topics related to private issuers, including primary capital raising, equity compensation and secondary liquidity.

Contact Us

Contact NPM to learn more about options to provide a new level of flexibility to your investors, expand access to capital, and increase focus on your core business.
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