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BWise® Compliance & Policy Management Software Solution

Support for the end-to-end Compliance & Policy Management process

The regulatory landscape is continuously evolving. Laws are constantly being introduced, leaving their interpretation and implementation one of organization’s constant challenges. BWise has developed a software solution that helps enable the compliance process. It creates efficiencies and confidence that sustainable practices are in place and, most importantly, that the company is compliant with applicable laws and regulations. 

Whether it is executing risk assessments, identifying and remediating compliance issues, preparing for and providing evidence for compliance exams, control testing, group & local policy management, obligation management, incident management, legal entity management, incorporating feeds on laws/regulations, or generating bespoke reporting, BWise does it all. 

For example, in order to manage the constant stream of changes in regulations, BWise has the ability to link directly to vendor and agency data such as StateScape, ERC Portal, CSC, FINRA, UCF and many others to ensure the organization is kept abreast of current regulatory events. Moreover, BWise is content independent, meaning BWise can accept information from any relevant regulatory content provider. Risk, legal, and compliance are able to analyze and assess the information and determine whether remediation activities are warranted. This, for example, can help teams quickly identify company policies and business processes directly impacted by each regulation. They can then determine whether to engage policy and/or process owners using targeted compliance assessment campaigns and action plans to address compliance issues.

BWise Compliance
A day in the life of Jackie McLaren, Compliance Officer
"With BWise’s Compliance and Policy Management solution, I have the technology to support and enable our organization’s compliance process. It’s easy to incorporate external feeds to keep up with changing laws and new regulations, helps assure our policies and accurate and up to date, and assures our Board and stakeholders are accurately informed."

BWise® Compliance & Policy Management supports Risk and Compliance Teams to:

  • Monitor the organization’s compliance profile and conformance to regulatory requirements such as Dodd Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, Model Audit Rule (MAR), FCPA, UK Bribery Act, entity management, and Code of Conduct in easily configurable and use dashboards 
  • Conform to the Bank Secrecy Act requirements providing access to audits 
  • Stay current on regulatory activities from alerts and updates from vendor or regulatory sources such as the SEC, FINRA, ERC Portal, UCF, StateScape, Lexis/Nexis, and others via RSS feeds or XML files 
  • Relate regulatory feeds to specific corporate policies 
  • Utilize (if needed) predefined built-in templates from standards such as COSO, FERC, COBIT, OSHA, FDA, ANSI Z10, or ISO (27002, 14001, 9001) 
  • Reduce the likelihood of fines or regulatory action through evidence of sustainable governance and management practices, embedded and consistent processes, and transparency into issue remediation activities 
  • Inform decision making with a view on the balance between performance and risk
  • Conduct risk based scoping and gap analysis to relate regulations to internal controls 
  • Monitor progress of controls, their effectiveness, and issue management activities using dashboards, status tracking, and robust reporting capabilities 
  • Create, maintain, disseminate, and attest to organizational policies using a strong workflow engine, check-in/check-out features, and portal to manage the process 
  • Execute flexible assessments with powerful control testing and questionnaire capabilities enabling the risk and compliance function to understand the effects of regulatory changes 
  • Seamlessly integrate with all BWise GRC solutions

Download the brochure for more information about the capabilities of the BWise® Compliance and Policy Management Software Solution


Download the brochure: Transparency to Compliance Processes and Procedures.
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