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Governance, Risk & Compliance for the Enterprise: BWise

Identify, understand, measure and manage key financial and organizational risks on a holistic level.

The BWise® eGRC platform is designed to cover all the aspects of a company’s GRC needs. Depending on requirements, customers identify roles aligned with their governance, risk and compliance needs. These roles are based on pre-existing GRC work processes and activities to ensure a user friendly environment. This streamlined way of working establishes maximum focus. In addition to different business roles, BWise offers a library of comprehensive templates that can be implemented quickly to address general risk, compliance or specific industry needs.

Role-based Solution 
BWise offers multiple role-based solutions for Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance & Policy Management, Internal Control, Information Security and Sustainability Performance Management. Each solution derived from the BWise integrated Governance, Risk Management and Compliance platform supports the end-to-end process of a given role. Nasdaq BWise believes that all lines of defense should operate within one integrated system. This facilitates working from one common risk taxonomy, which focuses business objectives and provides internal audit, risk, and compliance a common language. 

Growing with your Company
With a proven history of continuous innovation Nasdaq BWise continually monitors business and regulatory trends and technology developments. This ensures the highest level of innovation is backed by trusted industry best practices. It also means our solution retains its value as it evolves over time to meet our customers’ changing needs. If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

With the rise of corporate incidents and scandals, the number of regulations that an enterprise must comply with has increased. Internal audit departments are burdened more and more every day. The role of internal audit is changing. As a result, the internal audit department is increasingly involved with an organzation’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management. Enterprises are shifting from a siloed approach to a more holistic approach to their compliance and risk management. This has driven the need for an integrated GRC platform to streamline internal audit processes.
BWise® Risk Management is a software solution that supports the end-to-end risk management process and is part of the BWise integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform. BWise covers all aspects of the risk management process, ranging from initial risk identification, through risk assessment and evaluation to risk mitigation and monitoring, tracking and managing incidents, and ensuring proper follow-up and integrated reporting. Following ISO 31.000 ERM methodology, COSO ERM and many other risk methodologies, BWise clients keep a keen eye on their key organizational risks at all levels.
BWise® Compliance & Policy Management offers the compliance departments enhanced visibility on internal compliance activities and real-time regulatory alerts from various sources, such as StateScape, ERC Portal, FINRA, UCF and many others. BWise can accept information from any relevant regulatory content provider. Compliance experts are able to read and understand the compliance information they receive and determine appropriate remediation activities.
BWise® Information Security sets new standards for ease of use, implementation and integration. BWise® Information Security helps companies to make sure their assets meet the applicable security requirements for their stakeholders. The solution supports the end-to-end information security process starting with the documentation of the ISMS.

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