Market Intelligence


To compete in today’s data driven, globally interconnected environment, information is key to both gaining an advantage and also staying agile and relevant. While accurate, accessible data is an undeniably crucial component, obtaining that data in a timely manner – especially across multiple formats and sources with infinitely increasing volumes – continues to be a challenge for many organizations.
Nasdaq's MiQ  provides market operators – exchanges, clearinghouses, CSDs, and more – a cohesive data management solution, tailor-made for the exchange industry supporting the entire trade lifecycle. MiQ reduces many of the challenges associated with data volumes, processing, storing and retrieval, and speed of extraction. With its first version, MiQ enables operators better visualize cross-system data dynamically to gain true value and real-time insight.
With MiQ Core, the solution’s cohesive middle layer, firms can form the backbone of an effective data management strategy. The solution interacts with and connects data points between trading, clearing, risk, surveillance and other mission critical systems, to help firms to efficiently access key data points, across varying formats and systems. Overall, this enables quicker, more effective analysis via advanced visualization and reporting.
Key Features
  • Easily accessible real-time and historical data storage
  • Multi-asset coverage
  • Pre-defined dashboards and reports covering strategy tracking, and analysis of market, revenue, liquidity, member health and outliers etc.
  • Customizable dashboard with included design tool
  • Supports multiple user roles across the organization
  • Flexible architecture easily maps to an organizations preferred tools
  • Supports connections to other value-added applications
  • Flexible and scalable technology
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