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The Nasdaq Financial Framework

A harmonized approach to delivering robust end-to-end market tech solutions

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One Company. One Platform. For All of Your Needs

. Built for Change IMAGE
  • Agile
  • Less complex testing
  • Core enhancements take immediate effect on applications desired
. Integration
  • Harmonized offerings in open infrastructure
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Integration with custom-built functionality
  • Lower total cost of ownership
. Robustness
  • Proven system stability to keep you operational
  • Information security focus
  • Choice in resiliency models
  • Easy member connectivity
. Innovation
  • Future-proof
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Take advantage of Nasdaq R&D

The Nasdaq Financial Framework is Nasdaq’s evolutionary harmonized approach to delivering robust end-to-end solutions to financial infrastructure providers in an open, agile environment.

The framework consists of a single operational core that ties together the deep portfolio of Nasdaq’s proven business functionality across the trade lifecycle, in an open framework whereby exchanges, clearinghouses and CSDs can easily integrate Nasdaq’s business applications with each other, as well as otherthird-party solutions. 

In addition to being able to integrate a broad range of business functions, the Nasdaq Financial Framework’s unique, purpose-built design enables end user firms to easily leverage the latest in technology developments (for example: Blockchain and Machine Learning) and bring new functionality to market more quickly.

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Nasdaq Financial Framework Components
Nasdaq Core: The heart of the framework -- an open, deterministic, high-speed communication, operations and resiliency layer. Based upon best business practices, the Nasdaq Core is the operational hub driving business applications across the Nasdaq Financial Framework.
Nasdaq Core Services: A set of optional shared services that empower Nasdaq business applications with additional capabilities beyond the direct connection to the Core for operations, messaging, and other core framework services. . Services include Connectivity (supporting ITCH/OUCH/ FIX/FIXML/ISO15022/20022), Data Store (collects data from any source connected to the Core), and Blockchain.
Nasdaq Business Applications: End-to-end portfolio of business functionality supporting the full trade lifecycle. Modular in nature, Nasdaq Business Integrations are seamlessly integrated but decoupled from the Nasdaq Core, making it easy to add new functionality, replace or enhance technology platforms. This enables market operators to boost their competitive edge and meet rapid implementation timelines to launch new markets, models and services.
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