Post-Trade Clearing, Settlement & Risk Management

Safely, efficiently and competitively manage multi-asset, multi-model clearing operations

Cost-efficient, high-velocity clearing, settlement and risk management

Our solutions support a broad range of asset classes, including OTC, and are reliable, and scalable to manage clearing operations for more straight-forward implementations to complex, multi-model,-currency and –market organizations.

CCPs and clearers are much more in spotlight today. Regulatory mandates in several jurisdictions – EMIR and Dodd-Frank for example – focus attention on clearers to reduce operational and systemic risk within the market. This new regulatory regime mandates improved transparency and risk management capabilities, tighter capital requirements and ability to connect to and transact business with a much larger number of venues. For many, these changes mean a difficult, expensive updates to their core clearing system and hundreds of man hours to remain in compliance and in the competition. 

Trusted, proven and in use by 13 clearinghouses globally and backed by 20 years of knowledge and clearing experience, our clearing solutions deliver the robust functionality needed to meet today’s challenges, and the adaptability and innovation to help future-proof your organization for whatever comes next. 

Key Clearing Capabilities:

  • Multi-asset, multi-currency clearing and full risk management support for listed and OTC products 
  • Supports multiple clearing and segregation models 
  • Cross-margining between asset classes and multiple built-in and pluggable margin models 
  • Real-time collateral management 
  • Enterprise risk aggregation 
  • High capacity, performance and reliability 
  • Supports upcoming regulations (EMIR, Dodd-Frank, IOSCO, etc) 
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet unique business requirements and market structures of each clearer

Key Business Benefits:

  • Streamline and simplify clearing and pre- and post-risk management using a single platform 
  • Reduce systemic and operational risk through unparalleled transparency with real-time risk checks, multiple margin modules, real-time collateral management 
  • Ensure that your clearing system is future proof and able to handle any changes in strategy, market structure or regulatory initiatives leveraging compliant, flexible technology. 


Genium® INET Clearing
  • High-velocity Clearing, Settlement, Collateral Management and Risk Management 
  • Ideally suited for high volume marketplaces that need a central counterparty (CCP) solution to clear and settle trades across asset classes, markets and currencies and can benefit from real-time position handling to manage risk exposure
  • Combined with our post-trade platform (Sentinel), Genium INET provides a complete solution for modern clearinghouses
X-stream INET Clearing
  • Cost-efficient Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management 
  • Ideally suited for clearing OTC derivatives, but handles broad range of assets to manage a wide variety of business needs. Its user interface for clearing participants and open APIs enable the clearinghouse to cost effectively offer its customers a rich set of back office functions, with very low TCO
  • X-stream INET Clearing is fully integrated with X-stream CSD and X-stream INET Trading solutions and also provides the ability to integrate with other third-party trading and CSD systems
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