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Number of companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm: 330 (Excl. external list 2)

(As of November 13, 2018)

New companies 2018

Company nameFirst day of tradingNote
Immunicum ABJanuary 15From First North Premier
LeoVegas ABFebruary 5From First North Premier
Bygghemma Group First ABMarch 27IPO
Immunovia ABApril 3From First North Premier
Railcare GroupApril 3From Aktietorget
Nilörngruppen ABApril 4From First North Premier
Stendörren Fastigheter ABApril 10From First North Premier
NCAB Group ABJune 5IPO
International Petroleum CorporationJune 8From First North Premier
Better Collective A/SJune 8IPO
Arion Banki hfJune 15IPO. Dual listed in Nasdaq Iceland
Epiroc AktiebolagJune 18Spin off from Atlas Copco AB
Projektengagemang Sweden ABJune 19IPO
Magnolia Bostad ABJune 20From First North Premier
Nuevolution ABJune 25From First North Premier
Calliditas Therapeutics ABJune 29IPO
Veoneer Inc.July 2Spin off from Autolic Inc. Dual listing.
Infant Bacterial Therapeutics ABSeptember 10From First North Premier
Cantargia ABSeptember 25From First North Premier 
Brinova Fastigheter ABSeptember 27From First North Premier 
Moment Group ABOctober 18From First North Premier 

Delisted companies 2018

Company nameLast day of tradingNote
Avega Group ABJanuary 3Due to public offer
Melker Schörling ABJanuary 19Due to public offer
Arcam ABJanuary 26Due to public offer
Nordax group ABApril 24Mandatory offer
Wilson Therapeutics ABJune 15Due to public offer
Invuo Technologies ABOctober 8Due to bankruptcy
Com Hem Holding ABNovember 2Merger with Tele2
Uniflex AktiebolagOctober 26Merger with Poolia AB
Axis AB    
November 13
On request of the company


Company name changes 2018

CompanyFromNew NameTicker CodeNote
MSC Group ABJanuary 30Empir Group ABEMPIR B 
B3IT Management ABMay 23B3 Consulting Group ABB3 
Rezidor Hotel Group ABJune 1Radisson Hospitality ABRADH 
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