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Nasdaq Precise

Nasdaq Precise, formerly called PrecISE Trade, is an award-winning front-end order and execution management system for trading options and stock options combinations. Using Nasdaq Precise, traders can:

  • Submit, monitor, alter, and cancel orders
  • Display the NBBO and BBO with depth at ISE
  • Display and access the ISE Complex Order Book
  • Route orders to all options exchanges via Nasdaq Execution Services

Nasdaq Precise Supports

  • Simple and Complex Strategy order types
    • Complex orders up to 10 legs, including stock or ETF
  • Crossing for Simple and Complex Orders
  • Buy-Write and Delta Neutral
  • Simple and Complex Order Management:
    • OMS Functionality – See related Order Management Functionality Page
    • Reserve Orders
    • Post-entry Order Activation
  • Electronic, direct post-trade allocation
  • Risk Administrator User Type with real-time adjustable Risk Settings:
    • Max order quantity
    • Max day quantity
    • Max order notional value
    • Max day notional value
    • Reject pre-open orders
    • Restricted products list
    • Short Locate Code Required
  • Kill Switch with immediate impact upon activation:
    • Blocks order entry-related requests
    • Deletes open orders
    • Precise can be used to activate Kill Switch for Precise, FIX, or DTI business unit(s).
  • 'Done-Away' Order Management
    • Electronic order and execution management, regardless of execution method or destination
    • Consolidated order management in a single platform
    • Efficient order management when used in conjunction with Parent/Child and Precise to Precise routing functionality
    • A comprehensive audit trail reflected in the Precise Order History Report for compliance and records

Precise Market Data

  • ISE and ISE Gemini BBO
  • ISE Market Depth including Customer Quantity
  • NBBO and Each Exchange BBO for all other exchanges
  • NYSE & Nasdaq underlying data
  • ISE's Spread Order Book
  • Real Time Greeks including Delta, Volatility, Gamma, Vega, Theta & Rho

Precise Advantages

  • User-friendly, customizable interface
  • Supports Member-managed pre-trade risk parameters
  • Allows for consolidated access to order and trade activity for multiple desks, business units and/or sponsored customers using Precise as well as FIX and API applications
  • Supports all ISE and ISE Gemini Exchange functionality
  • Connects via internet or direct connection

Order Types Supported

  • Day
  • Day AON
  • FOK
  • IOC
  • NBBO Sweep

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