Cleared Markets

Futures & Options on Energy, Carbon, Freight, Fuel Oil, Ferrous Products and Seafood
Exchange listed, Flexible and On-request Futures & Options on Nordic equities and indexes.
Futures & Options on Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Long and Short Term Interest Rates and Bonds.
Interest Rate and Overnight Index Swaps and FRAs denominated in SEK, DKK, NOK and EUR.
Repo agreements for elibigle Bonds listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and Nasdaq Copenhagen.
Risk Management

Risks are managed through a comprehensive risk management framework providing accurate measurement, control, and protection from all identifiable counterparty and operational risks arising within the markets cleared.

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Clearing Model

A comprehensive clearing model offers a broad range of options for market access, segregation and portability creating legal, capital and operational efficiency for market participants.

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Procedures and forms for management of collateral, cash and physical settlement that arise from contractual responsibilities.

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All markets are cleared in the Genium INET Clearing system, a state-of-the-art clearing and collateral management system.

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Market Notices from Nasdaq Derivatives Market

Market Notices from Nasdaq Commodities

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