EMIR Reporting

One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is the obligation under Article 9 of the regulation to report all derivatives contracts to Trade Repositories (EMIR reporting). 

Nasdaq Clearing is under the obligation to report trades and positions cleared with the clearing house. Revised technical standards for EMIR reporting will come into force on 1 November, 2017 but to align with trade repositories and other reporting parties the start date for Nasdaq Clearing to report according to the revised standards will be 30 October, 2017. I.e. Nasdaq Clearing’s reports sent to its Trade Repository from this day forward will be formatted according to the new standards. 

This webpage describes how Nasdaq Clearing is reporting and how necessary data can be sourced to allow for counterparts to align their reporting to achieve pairing and matching of trades and positions. 

All information, including detailed information on how certain reportable fields are populated, is available in the EMIR Reporting Handbook available to download under “Related Documents” on the right hand side of this webpage.

Nasdaq Clearing Counterparty details

Legal name
Nasdaq Clearing AB 

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)


Unique Trade Identifiers (UTI) for trades and positions

Nasdaq Clearing generates UTIs for both trades and positions and makes them available for reporting counterparts in relevant systems. Counterparts to the clearing house are expected to use UTIs generated by Nasdaq Clearing in their reporting.

 From 18 November, 2017 new logic for generating UTIs will be implemented. From this date UTIs will be available directly at the point of clearing in the clearing system APIs and front-end applications as well as in end-of-day reporting. Detailed information is available in the EMIR Reporting Handbook or on the Genium INET enhancements webpage

Until the implementation of the new UTI logic, UTIs are only available in end-of-day reporting. 

NB! Due to changed regulatory requirements Nasdaq Clearing will from 30 October, 2017 implement a new format for Position UTI. This will require action from both the clearing house and its counterparts. More information on the new format and additional details is available in the EMIR Reporting Handbook. Please contact the clearing house if you require more information about this change.

Reportable fields

Detailed information on how Nasdaq Clearing populates reportable fields for different types of contracts is available in the EMIR Reporting Handbook.

Data available from the clearing house

Nasdaq Clearing provides its counterparts with data reports for EMIR reporting purposes, one for EMIR specific instrument reference data and one for reportable fields on a trade and position basis. Both the reports are available on a daily basis in the Genium INET clearing system. 

  • EMIR Trades – reportable values for trades, positions, market values and collateral, both Counterparty Data and Common Data on a trade by trade and position level 
  • EMIR Instrument Reference Data – EMIR specific instrument reference data for all reportable instruments, including e.g. instrument identifiers, classifications and commodities reference data

Example reports are available to download on the right hand side of this webpage. 

Data can also be sourced from other reports and directly through the clearing system API. Please contact the clearing house for more information.


Nasdaq EMIR reporting services

Nasdaq provides an EMIR reporting service reporting obligations under Article 9 of EMIR where customers can delegate the reporting of their own and their end clients’ trades to Nasdaq. For more information on Nasdaq’s EMIR Trade Reporting Service please contact tradereporting@nasdaq.com.

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