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Electricity Certificates

Nasdaq Commodities provides trading, clearing and physical delivery of Electricity Certificates.

The Scandinavian Electricity Certificates (El-Cert) Offering

Nasdaq Commodities provides trading and clearing of Electricity Certificates and physical delivery to designated Clearinghouse accounts in the Swedish (Cesar) or Norwegian (NECS) Registry. Pre-delivery option available for net sellers to fulfill collateral requirements. 

  • Continuous trading in the electronic trading system from 08.00 to 16.00 CET 
  • Trading and clearing of block and EFP/EFS trades from 07.45 to 18.00 CET 


  • Regulated exchange and clearinghouse
  • Transparency 
  • Electronic trading through the user friendly and efficient Nasdaq application Genium INET Trading Workstation and voice execution by Market Place Services (MPS) 
  • One of the fastest and most functionally complete multi-asset trading systems in the world 
  • Easy access through wide range of membership models 
  • Integrated platform for all products 
  • Effective risk management
  • Cost efficiency and low latency 
  • Nasdaq Clearing removes counterparty credit risk 
  • Netting and margin offsets between all markets

SEK Electricity Certificates

  SEK Electricity Certificates

Day Futures: 

  • 6 rolling DS 

DS Futures: 

  • Years: ELCSEKMAR-[YY] 
  • 5 rolling 
  • Expiry: March
Min. Contract Size Trade Lot = 1000 El-cert
Clearing Lot = 1 El-Cert = 1 MWh
Min. Ticker Size 0.01
Currency SEK
Delivery Financial and physical
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