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Nasdaq Commodities provides trading and clearing of financial derivatives for UK Power, offering Futures contracts and Monthly DS Futures Contracts settled against the N2EX Daily Auction Price. 

  • Continuous trading in the electronic trading system from 08.00 to 18.00 CET (07:00-17:00 GMT) 
  • Trading and clearing of block and EFP/EFS trades from 07:00 until 19.00 CET (06:00-18:00 GMT)

UK Power Monthly Deffered Settlement Futures

Monthly DS futures contracts are provided for UK Power settled against N2EX Day-Ahead Power Auction. 

Trading Calendar

UK Power Monthly DS Futures

Currency: GBP

Settlement date: the 10th Bank day of following month or next business day

UK Power Quotation List

Futures/Monthly DS Futures Futures - EUK Monthly DS Futures - EUKM
No of Days HB: 5
BL: 9
PK: 9
OP: 9
No of WDE BL: 2
PK: -
OP: 2
No of Weekend BL: 3
PK: 2
OP: 2
No of Weeks BL: 5 BL: 4 PK: 4 OP: 4
No of Months BL: 4

BL: 6
PK: 6
OP: 6

No of Quarters B:L 5 BL: 4
PK: 4
OP: 4
No of Seasons/Years BL: 5 BL: 3
PK: 3
OP: 3
Contract Size 1 MWh
Trade Lot 1 MW
Tick Size GBP 0,01
Contract Base N2EX Day-Ahead Power Auction
* WDW = Working Day Week

Clearing of Futures and Monthly DS Futures

Nasdaq offers clearing of financially settled Futures and Monthly DS Futures through Nasdaq Clearing. 

Nasdaq Clearing is the contractual counterparty in all contracts traded at Nasdaq Commodites' financial market. Clearing guarantees the financial settlement. The daily settlement is automatic, and members are connected to the settlement system through a variety of multinational settlement banks. Read more >

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