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Nasdaq Commodities offers a full suite of French power products to ensure customers' trading and hedging needs are met. In addition to a large range of power products, Nasdaq Commodities offers a one stop shop for various related commodities. With Market Makers, Liquidity Providers and competitive fees the exchange wishes to ensure and facilitate for a liquid, transparent and efficient marketplace. 

Nasdaq Clearing removes counterparty credit risk and offers netting and margin offsets between all markets.

The French power product offering

The Nasdaq Commodities offering includes Futures and Electricity Price Area Differential (EPAD) contracts.
Futures EPAD contracts
Daily mark-to-market where profits and losses from financial futures contracts are realized on a daily basis and cash settled. EPAD contracts can be used to hedge the basis risk between German and French area prices.

French Power Products

  Futures baseload Futures Peakload EPAD futures baseload
Daily 9
Weekly 6 6
Monthly 7 7 2
Quarterly 7 7 3
Yearly 5 5 3

Opening Hours

  • Exchange opening hours 08:00 – 18:00 CET 
  • Block trade reporting 07:45 – 19:00 CET

Annual Fees

  • Customers can access French power contracts for an annual fee of 1500€.


  • Trading fee 0,0045€/MWh 
  • Clearing fee 0,0045€/MWh  
  • Registration fee for Block trades 0,0025€/MWh 
  • i.e. fee for Exchange trading and clearing in total 0,009€/MWh 
  • i.e. fee for registration and clearing of Block trades in total 0,007€/MWh 
  • Flat Fee Structure – 10 000€/month and 0 trading and clearing fees for all French power products 
  • Flat fee Structure – 15 000€/month and 0 trading and clearing fees for all French power, German power and German Wind products
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