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The web-based Nordic Workstation delivers significant cost saving and a more flexible access model to our members.

  • Virtually connect from everywhere via internet. Access the system from any machine connected to the World Wide Web, while preserving the highest levels of security
  • Zero infrastructure footprint on the member side
  • Lower bandwidth requirements. Only data that is being viewed is being transmitted
  • Seamless, automatic updates that don’t require any installation

The design of the Nordic Workstation is based on high contrast principles accustomed to traders everywhere. Primary functionality is easily accessible and any changes in market data are highly visible.

  • Keyboard driven commands, grid navigation and extensive mouse-driven commands are available for most of the windows

Key Features

Full support for INET functionalities including:

  • Order types
  • Smart Order Routing strategies

View and Cancel All Firm Orders

The Nordic Workstation will provide you with the ability to view all your firm orders, regardless of whether these have been submitted to the system via Nordic Workstation or other systems using FIX or OUCH protocols. 

Based on your firm’s authorization you might also be able to query for orders on-behalf of other member firms. In all cases, you will be able to cancel any order.

Time & Sale Functionality

The Time & Sale functionality allows you to query for the history of the spread and last sale of the Nasdaq Nordic books

  • Analyze Execution Quality
  • Step By Step Replay of the Orderbook Best Bid and Offer and Last Paid
  • Powerful Support Tool For Clients’ Enquiries

Pre-trade Risk Management Interface

Update your Pre-trade Risk limits and/or perform emergency actions directly from your workstation.

Several Months of Order and Trade History Service

The Nordic Workstation will provide you with access to several months of Trade and Order History directly from our central system databases.

Enhanced Traceability of Own Orders in the Book

  • Clearly identify own firm orders, including trader id information
  • View your fully hidden orders
  • View additional orders details in the tool tip

Orderbook Look-up

The Orderbook look-up tool allows traders to track in which orderbook a given ISIN is traded. Drag and drop functionality to add the result of your search into the Aggregated Orderbook view or to one of your customized Watch-lists.

  • Advanced search criteria

Dynamic Quote window

Designed to provide an instant view of the situation in an orderbook. Based on all functionalities available from the Detailed Orderbook view and integrated with:

  • Real time ticker and intra-day chart
  • Order entry section


For single and multiple securities and indexes:

  • Intraday and historical view
  • Multiple charting styles and quick time interval selection
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