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Nasdaq Derivatives Markets offers exchange-traded forwards, futures and options on Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish stocks, as well as options and futures on the OMXS30 index (the 30 most traded Swedish stocks) and OMXC25 index (the 25 most traded Danish stocks), the VINX30 index (the 30 most traded Nordic stocks) and the OMXO20 Index (the 20 most traded Norwegian Stocks). 

Nasdaq Derivatives Markets also offers futures on OMXSB (Stockholm Benchmark index).

In addition to the above Nasdaq Derivatives Markets offers clearing of Flexible Derivatives and an On-Request Market

Flexible Derivatives allow market participants to trade and clear a wide variety of derivatives differing on one or more terms or conditions (e.g. underlying security, exercise price, expiration day or type of contract) from the standardized exchange and clearing listed instruments. Read more about clearing of Flexible Derivatives.

The “on request” market provides trading in forwards and options on single Finnish stocks. Within this market, not all stocks have automatic generation of new series with new strike prices, but are instead generated “on-request” by members. This method allows members to trade exchange-traded series on Finnish stocks with the possibility to set strike price and maturity. 

Products available to U.S. customers
The CFTC has issued no-action letters for the offer and sale in the U.S. for the OMXS30 index futures and the VINX30 index futures. See CFTC website for further information. The CFTC has not issued no-action letters for direct access to the electronic trade matching system from the U.S.

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