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Fixed Income - Denmark

Large Turnover – High Transparency

In 2016, Nasdaq Copenhagen experienced a total turnover of EUR 903B in real market value on the main market for bonds. 

This is excluding REPO, OTC, derivatives and First North trades and corresponds to EUR 75B in monthly turnover. The majority of trading in the Danish fixed income products is done between banks (primary dealers) and institutional investors. 

With only a few exceptions market participants are required to report and publish all trades within minutes. As a result the Danish bond market has a high level of price transparency, benefitting both issuers and investors. The market can be divided into Cash and Derivatives. The Danish Fixed Income Cash market consists of mortgage bonds, government bonds, structured bonds, corporate bonds and First North bonds. The Danish Fixed Income Derivatives market includes trading and clearing of Mortgage Bond Futures, trading and clearing of CIBOR Futures and clearing of Bond Repo.

Fixed Income Products in Denmark

Nasdaq Copenhagen offers a wide variety of fixed income product options.

  • Mortgage Bonds
  • Government Bonds
  • Structured Bonds
  • Corporate and Other Bonds

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