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NIBOR Future

NIBOR-FRA - Managing Norwegian Short-Term Interest Rate Risk

Nasdaq provides central counterparty clearing services for Swedish and Norwegian fixed income products. 

The NIBOR-FRA contract constitutes a valuable tool in management of Norwegian short-term interest rate risk. Contract base is 3- or 6-month NIBOR. The contracts have standardized expiration days, i.e. IMM days. This means that liquidity is concentrated to a limited number of contracts, which benefits trading.

The contracts are suitable both for directional trading as well as for spread trading e.g. 3-month NIBOR against 3-month STIBOR. For the complete description of the contract specification please see Nasdaq Stockholm Rules and Regulations

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Options on NIBOR Future

Market Model and Central Counterparty Clearing

NIBOR-FRA options are traded in the current market structure for Norwegian interest rate derivatives. Trades in options will be reached through bilateral negotiations between buyers and sellers, and reported to Nasdaq for central counterparty clearing.

Contract settlement takes place through a bilateral negotiation between buyer and seller. Following settlement, the transaction is reported to Nasdaq Stockholm for clearing. Novation, meaning when the exchange substitutes existing contracts with two new ones, in relation to the buyer and seller takes place when the settlement is matched and collateral has been placed. Subsequently, there is no counterparty relationship between the buyer and seller; instead both parties have the exchange as counterparty. 

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