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Rules & Regulations for OTC Rates

Nasdaq provides clearing of OTC derivatives in the existing regulatory framework developed for derivatives clearing. 

The Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets govern Nasdaq Stockholm's derivative exchange and clearing activities. The “derivative rules” comprise the rules and regulations that pertain to clearing of instruments with flexible features related to expiry and cash flow dates including the eligibility criteria for Clearing Members and Direct Pledge Customers wishing to clear these instruments, as well as a complete description of the contract specifications. 

Instruments designated as “OTC Rates” are characterized by a wide range of alternatives, adding flexibility catering for the needs of our customers. This contrasts with the listed contracts where the expiry and cash flow dates are predefined and the two parties in a deal only agree on the price/yield. In order to distinguish between listed contracts and "OTC Rates contracts", Nasdaq has labeled "OTC" derivatives as Generic in the Rules and Regulations. 

The latest version of the Rules and Regulations is always available on the Derivative Rules page. The Loss Sharing Rules are available in Appendix 17 in the Clearing Rules.

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