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Fixed Income in Sweden

Nasdaq - The Center of the Swedish Fixed Income Markets

The majority of trading in Swedish fixed income products is done between banks (primary dealers) and institutional investors. The cash market includes corporate bonds & certificates, sustainable bonds, structured products, government bonds, retail bonds, municipality bonds and mortgage bonds. 

Long-term interest rates are mainly traded in government bonds, mortgage bonds and forward/futures contracts for these bonds. 

Short-term interest rates are mainly traded in IMM-FRA contracts and T-bills. Trading in short-term interest rates is also done in commercial papers, deposits and repos.

Swedish Fixed Income Market

The Swedish Fixed Income Markets have several submarkets in Genium INET, Nasdaq’s trading system for fixed income products. 

The Electronic Interbank Market
Interbank Trading in 2, 5 and 10 year government bonds for primary dealers. 

The Indicative Markets
Instruments listed on the indicative markets are predominately directed to the institutional investor community and the trading is done OTC. The instruments listed on the indicative markets are either government bonds, municipality bonds, mortgage bonds or corporate bonds. 

The Retail Markets
Instruments on the retail market are usually traded electronically in smaller denominations. Some examples of retail traded instruments are corporate bonds, convertible bonds, structured products and government bonds. All trades in retail bonds are published on our website at

Other marketplace services

Nasdaq also delivers other marketplace services to the Swedish Fixed Income market, including: 

LIsting of Bonds at Nasdaq Stockholm

Nasdaq Stockholm offers efficient listing solutions for virtually all types of fixed income instruments. Contact our listing team or click here to learn more.
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