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Connectivity Services

Sponsored Access

Nasdaq Nordic offers Sponsored Access for both cash equity and derivatives markets members

Sponsored Access allows Nasdaq Nordic members to give their clients the ability to connect directly to the Nasdaq Nordic matching engine and trade under their membership identity. 

Particularly suited for High Frequency Trading and Algorithmic Trading clients, Sponsored Access can be combined with our Co-location Services to provide market access with the lowest possible latency.

Key Benefits for the Sponsoring Member:

  • Establish new and/or extend business relationships by promoting sponsored access to your clients.

  • Nasdaq Nordic Pre-Trade Risk Management (PRM) service available to facilitate pre-trade protection for the sponsoring member, including an administration interface accessible via the Nordic Workstation (INET only).

  • Real-time monitoring of the sponsored client activity via dedicated feeds for the sponsoring member.

  • "Order Reject and Cancel on-disconnect" for the sponsoring member: in case of disconnect from the monitoring feed, it will trigger order entry prevention and open orders cancellation (INET-FIX drop only).

Key Benefits for the Sponsored Client: 

Sponsored Access is regulated by the Nasdaq Nordic Member Rules for cash equity trading and the Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets for derivatives trading.

For more details refer to:

Nasdaq Nordic Member Rules section 4.10 for equities markets, and the Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets section 2.9 for derivatives markets.

For more information about Sponsored Access please contact your Key Account Manager.

Some of the Members offering Sponsored Access at Nasdaq Nordic:

logo - ABN AMRO Clearinglogo - Bank of America Merrill Lynchlogo - Deutsche Banklogo - Nomuralogo - UBS

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