Market Services

Our market services support the entire lifecycle of a trade, from pre-trade to post-trade, and provide marketplace solutions for risk management, access and connectivity, compliance, data storage reporting, and clearing

Streamlined Solutions

Nasdaq offers an expansive suite of products and solutions that give traders access to our marketplaces and help them operate more efficiently with less risk. A range of connectivity, risk management, and compliance solutions can be tailored to meet specific trading and market needs.
Nasdaq provides market participants with access to a diverse portfolio of products and services to fit all business models and trading styles. All of our trading protocols allow participants to enter Attributable, Non-Attributable and Non-Display orders, while each protocol offers additional functionality to fit different needs.
Nasdaq offers risk management solutions which ensure market integrity, minimize latency impact while facilitating sponsored access and low-latency DMA.
Nasdaq provides central party clearing for a broad range of derivative instruments and OTC trades with pro-active risk management, sound legal foundation and financial strength alongside rigid financial and operational requirements for members.
Nasdaq tools provide customers with compliance products designed to provide real-time tracking and reporting of market activity. Our solutions enable compliance officers, traders and back office analysts to keep track of their compliance needs while helping to monitor for market violations.
Nasdaq offers customers the latest developments in products and services in the Post Trade business. Our offerings span from customized high tech solutions for our customers to outsourcing of the entire back office function.
Nasdaq’s automated trade reporting and reconciliation service electronically facilitates trade reporting, trade comparison and clearing of trades for all U.S. Equities, handling transactions negotiated broker-to-broker or internalized within a firm.
Market surveillance and compliance solutions from Nasdaq are the industry benchmark for the global exchange, regulator and broker community. Installed in more than 35 national exchanges and regulators and 65 brokers across 60 countries, our SMARTS offering is the world’s leading provider of surveillance and compliance technology.
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