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Co-Lo & Connectivity Console

How to Get Access

To set up Console services accounts and to access and manage your inventory via the Nasdaq Colo Console, you will need to sign and return the Console Authorization Form. Once the form is completed and approved by Nasdaq you will receive login credentials. Please note: Console users can be enabled to place orders or for “read only” access.

Sign in to the Co-location & Connectivity Console

User Guide


Co-Lo & Connectivity Console is a FREE web-based administrative tool available to all Nasdaq Nordic Co-Location customers and connectivity providers. This on-line tool will help you manage your inventory, place orders for new services, and view information and updates on new and existing co-location and connectivity services.

Technical Information

  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0
  • Flash is required. Download the latest version.

Using the Inbox

The inbox is designed to allow you to monitor and track your current orders in the queue with Nasdaq. Each order will be listed and can be viewed by clicking on the item under the "Request" column. Once an order has been complete, it will move to the “Completed Order Tab” and also be reflected in your inventory.


Your inventory can be viewed at the bottom of the main screen. It is separated by tabs.

  • Cabinets/Power – Your firm’s co-located cabinets with power are listed here. To view details or to change one of these cabinets, click on the ID number.
  • Connectivity – Your firm’s cross connects and hand-off’s to Nasdaq are listed here. You can click on any one of these to view detail or to remove or change the connection.
  • Market Data – the market data you have will be displayed in a grid. The feature is currently not active.
  • Wireless – Your firm’s wireless feed connectivity is listed here. The feature is currently not active.
  • Remote Wave – remote locations in which Nasdaq wireless market data feeds are being received are displayed here. The feature is currently not active.
  • Direct Connect – Direct Connections to Nasdaq sites are listed here.
  • POP – Point of Presence (POP) locations are services are listed here. The feature is currently not active.

Ordering a Cabinet

To order a Cabinet, choose the “Cabinets & U Space” link in the Place Order section (on top of the page) and then choose “New Cabinet." Cabinets are ordered one configuration at a time. To order more than one type, submit another order where you can choose a different configuration or density.

  • Quantity: You will need to determine the quantity of cabinets you will require within the facility. The cabinets in the Co-location area are 800 mm W X 1200 mm D, Chatsworth’s Products (CPI) GlobalFrameTM.
  • Cabinet Type: The cabinet type lets you choose the power density with included power of your cabinet.
  • Power: You will need to determine the power requirements of your cabinet. You have the option to install power distribution units and tap off boxes for a higher density level than the Cabinet Type. Power is provided in an A/B configuration where power is separately sourced and provided to each circuit. However, as it is considered a backup, you can consume no more power out of both circuits than you can consume out of one. If you are unsure of your power requirements or would like to request a power type not listed, please call your Nasdaq Technical Services Representatives to schedule a discussion.
  • Power Strip: Power distribution unit (PDU). For Full cabinets, power strips can be provided by Nasdaq (vertical) or the customer (vertical/horizontal). 1/3 cabinets does not allow customers own PDU. Please note: Customer provided PDUs must be CE certified and withstand 65 degrees Celsius.
  • Receptacle: IEC connectors (power plugs). For Medium Density 5 kVA cabinet: 1-phase/32 amps: IEC 60309 32A 2P+E Plug (Blue 232P6W) For High Density 10 kVA cabinet: 3-phase / 16 amps: IEC 60309 16A 4P+E Plug (Red 516P6W) For Super High Density 15 kVA cabinet: 3-phase / 32 amps: IEC 60309 32A 4P+E Plug (Red 532P6W)
  • Multi Firm: Select YES if the cabinet supports a firm other than the firm contracted to receive the cabinet by Nasdaq.
  • Other Request: Please use the notes field to communicate any special requests.

Ordering a Direct Connect U Space

To order a Direct Connect U Space, choose the “Cabinets and U Space” link in the Place Order section (on top of the page) and then choose “New Direct Connect U Space." Within the request pop-up, please choose the quantity and location of the new U Space(s). Each block includes up to 0.15kVA of power. U space is installed in shared cabinets controlled by Nasdaq personnel.

Ordering a Cross-Connect

To order a Cross Connect, choose the “Connectivity” link in the Place Order section (on top of the page) and then choose “Cross Connect.”

  • Type: Begin by selecting the type of connection requested (fiber, connections to Nasdaq, telco, etc.)
  • From (CabinetID): Your firm’s cabinets are listed in a drop down under “from”. If the cabinet order is still in progress, you can use the temporary ID assigned during the order process.
  • Telco/InterCabinet:
    • Telco – Cross connection to a Telco provider.
    • InterCabinet – Cross connection to one of your existing cabinets or the cabinet of another customer within the facility.
    • Telco Pre-run – A Telco cross connect for which the circuit or demark information is not yet available. 
  • Telco Provider: When cross connecting to a Telco provider, please choose your provider from the drop down.
  • Circuit ID: as provided by your Telco. This field is required for telco cross connect requests.
  • Demark Info: as provided by your Telco. This field is required for telco cross connect requests.
  • To (CabinetID): Provide the CabinetID for an InterCabinet Connection. If you are connecting to a cabinet that belongs to your firm, you can select the number from the drop down list. If you are connecting to a cabinet belonging to another customer in the facility, you can type in their cabinet number. In this case, an email will be sent to that participant and they will be required to approve the cross connect before the order moves forward.
  • Media Type: When connecting through Fiber, please provide fiber type (multi-mode or single-mode). This field is required for fiber cross connects.
  • Connector Type: Please choose one of the following 2 connection configurations. This field is required for fiber cross connects.
    • SC to SC
    • LC to LC 

Ordering a Direct Connect

To order a Direct Connect, choose the “Connectivity” link in the Place Order section (on top of the page) and then choose “Direct Connect."

  • Nasdaq Site: Choose the datacenter location in which you wish to connect to.
  • (U Space): If wish to place equipment (i.e. router) within a Nasdaq datacenter, please order the given U Space before the Direct Connection.
  • Bandwidth: Select bandwidth and circuit type
  • Telco/Telco Prerun: If you do not yet have circuit information from your Telco Provider, you should choose Telco Pre-run.
  • Telco Provider: Follow the prompts to select an available provider to support your desired bandwidth, as well as route, media type, and connector
  • Media: Select single or multi-mode
  • Connector: Select connector type
  • Circuit ID: Type the Circuit ID provided by your telco provider.
  • Demarc Info: Type the demarcation info of the circuit provided by your telco provider.

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