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Nasdaq Nordic File Delivery Service (FDS)

File Delivery Service is a web based file format and size independent Nasdaq solution, used for distributing files from several source systems. FDS does not create any files itself.

Future Changes

Next FDS/GCF release with TIP version: 3.7.3 will be in production: May 20, 2019 

Please note! Possible changes both related to service and files are always informed via IT Notices. Those can be subscribed here: Market Data News

FDS system requirements are:

  • access to open internet or member network
  • a web browser and
  • user account with subscriptions to files products.

The files must be downloaded, system only provides access to files. Downloading can be automatized (for details, see FDS guidelines). Files are being organized in daily folders, and access is granted on file group level, not on individual files.

IP addresses are not being filtered i.e. user can access system from anywhere. In open internet the file transfer protocol is always HTTPS, and when using the member network connection, HTTP.

For more details please check the FDS documentation (right).

General Documents

FDS Guidelines (2017-02-06)
Overall system guide

File Specifications

TIP version in GCF production: 3.7.1

TIP version 3.7.1 (Final, published October 8, 2018)

Other Related Documents

Genium INET reference data distribution guide
General guideline of different options to get Genium INET reference data

Notes on historical Genium INET files format
Brief description of the differences between logs and ITCH protocol specs

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