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Icelandic Fixed Income migration from INET to Genium INET

Nasdaq Iceland will migrate all Icelandic Fixed Income products currently traded in the INET Nordic trading system to Genium INET, which is the MiFID II compliant system for non-equity products. The migration to Genium INET will be done in preparation of the implementation of MiFID II in Iceland.

This website will be updated continuously when new information for the Icelandic Fixed Income migration project is available. In addition to monitoring this website, we strongly recommend you to subscribe to IT-Information Notices for Fixed Income via our subscription service.

Project Timeline

Date Activity Environment
November 2, 2018 Early testing
- Member setup possible
- Test instruments available
March 6, 2019 Upgrade to version 5.0.0220 EXT3
April 8-12, 2019 Market Wide Acceptance Test (MWAT) EXT3
April 2019, exact date TBD Connectivity test Genium INET Production
May 20, 2019

First trading day for Icelandic Fixed Income on Genium INET Production

Genium INET Production

Genium INET identifiers in EXT3

Genium INET Market Segment MIC Genium INET EXT3 source ID GCF TST3 ID
Iceland Cash Bond Trading XICE 178 884
Iceland FN Bond Market FNIS 194 882

Test instruments in Genium INET EXT3

Symbol Market Segment
ARION_181120_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
GARD_11_1_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
HFF150224_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
ISLA_CB_26_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
ISLA_CBI_26_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
KVB_17_02_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
LSS151155_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
RIKB_22_1026_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
RIKS_21_0414_TEST Iceland Cash Bond Trading
More instruments will be added going forward.

FIX Information

Fix Specification Updated
FIX Protocol Spec Updated spec available here

OMnet Information

OMnet references Updated
OMnet Message Reference 5.0.0220 Updated spec available here


Trading Workstation Updated
Trading Workstation Updated docs available here

Market Model

Connectivity details

Connectivity details to Genium INET can be found here

Connectivity details to GCF can be found here

Contact Us

Nasdaq Iceland
General questions and feedback regarding this project

+354 525 2850


Trading Operations
Support for Genium INET trading related queries for Fixed Income

+46 8 405 7890

Member Services
- Production and Test login credentials (user id & passwords)
- Participant and User configuration
- FIX Configuration

+46 8 405 6660

Technical Support
Technical integration issues for members and ISV´s: Trading and clearing on OMnet API and FIX. General disturbances and issues.

+46 8 405 6750

Technical Relations
Market Readiness upcoming enhancements, ISV and other third party technical and sales support.

+46 8 405 6437

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