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Genium INET Upgrade to Version 5.0.0215

This web page will be updated continuously when new information for the Genium INET 5.0.0215 release is available. In addition to monitoring this web page, we strongly recommend you subscribe to IT-Notices for the relevant markets. 

More detailed information on the release is available per business area.

Genium INET 5.0.0215 Technical Information

Genium INET 5.0.0215 Project Timeline

September 17 Final Technical Specifications available
October 10 External Test 4 available on 5.0.0215
October 30 External Test 3 upgraded to 5.0.0215
November 1 External Test 1 upgraded to 5.0.0215
November 17 Technical go-live of Genium INET 5.0.0215
November 19 First trading and clearing day for Equity Derivatives, Fixed Income and Commodities

Clearing Reports

Report Change
Series Information New column "Product ID" added to end of CSV and Excel versions
Weekly Stock and Index Options Margin Prices The report will be decommissioned as of November 19

OMnet Information

OMnet references Updated
OMnet Message Reference 5.0.0215 September 17

OMnet Header File Updated
.h file 5.0.0215 October 8

FIX Information

Fix Specification Updated
FIX Protocol Spec N/A for 5.0.0215


Trading Workstation Updated
Trading Workstation No functional enhancements in 5.0.0215

Clearing Workstation 1 Updated
Clearing Workstation 1 No functional enhancements in 5.0.0215

Q-Port Updated
Q-Port User Guide No functional enhancements in 5.0.0215

External Test systems availablitity

Planned upgrades of External Test Systems to release 5.0.0215:
External Test System Planned Upgrade Planned 1st day of member testing Details
EXT4 October 10 October 11 Users and FIX ports copied from Ext1, account structure from production
EXT3 October 30 October 31
EXT1 November 1 November 2

Visit Genium INET Testing page for additional information about the External Test Systems.

Please contact Member Services at if you experience any login issues to the external test systems

Contact Us

Member Services
Production and Test login credentials (user id & passwords)
Participant and User configuration
FIX Configuration 

+46 8 405 6660

Technical Support
Technical integration issues for members and ISV´s: Trading and clearing on OMnet API and FIX. General disturbances and issues. 

+46 8 405 6750

Risk Management
Margin Methodology for Equity and Index derivatives, cleared Fixed Income products and Commodities
+46 8 405 7088 

Clearing Operations
Support for Genium INET clearing operation related queries 

+46 8 405 6880


For test related queries

Trading Operations
Support for Genium INET trading related queries for Equity Derivatives and Fixed Income

+46 8 405 7360


Support for Genium INET trading related queries for Commodities
+47 6752 8037

Technical Relations
Market Readiness upcoming enhancements, ISV and other third party technical and sales support. 

+46 8 405 7364

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