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Additional Evening Trading Hours for Warrants and Certificates

Nasdaq Nordic recently extended morning Trading Hours for Warrants and Certificates. As an additional step, Nasdaq Nordic is planning to offer additional evening Trading Hours for Warrants and Certificates on First North Sweden, First North Finland and First North Denmark.

The existing market segments for Warrants and Certificates will continue to have the current trading schedules applied to them. A subset of the order books on those market segments will be migrated to the new segments. A subset of new listings will be listed at the new segments going forward. Adoption of the new market segments is optional for trading members.

The new market segments with extended trading schedules is available in INET NTF and GCF TST4, and are planned for production launch as of September 2, 2019.

The introduction of extended evening Trading Hours for Warrants and Certificates is subject to regulatory review.

Customer impact

The extension of the trading hours for Warrants and Certificates results in changes to the timing of end of day processes, namely the ITCH Feed EOD message, Member Trade File and FDS Close Files and List file. The impact of these changes should be considered by all market participants.

Find more detailed information in IT-Notice 18/19

A detailed list of order books to be migrated will be communicated via Exchange Notices.

Protocol specifications

These changes do not have any impact on INET Nordic or GCF protocol specifications.

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