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System Hours (CET)

03:00-06:45 INET (FIX Order Entry, FIX Trade Reporting, OUCH and ITCH) open for connectivity, login and reference data load
06:30 GCF (TIP) open for connectivity, login and reference data load
07:00 Reference data file available on file
07:00 Start of day all market segments
18:05 INET (matching and routing engine) closed
18:30 INET connectivity testing possible to FIX Order Entry, OUCH and ITCH
22:00 Trade Reporting engine and INET closed for connectivity
23:30 GCF (TIP) closed for connectivity

INET Nordic is available between 06:45 and 18:05 CET, APA Trade Reporting available until 22:00 CET.

INET (FIX Order Entry, OUCH and ITCH) is open for connectivity testing seven days a week between 18:30 to 22:00 CET. GCF (TIP) is available for login every day but source data is only loaded on business days.

INET Nordic System Status

Interface Status
OUCH Available
FIX Available
FIX DROP Available
ITCH Available
GLIMPSE Available
TIP Available
NLS Available
Nordic Workstation Available
FDS Available
Status is only updated during support hours.

FDS Files & Availability (CET)

Reference Data File 

Available on file from 07:00 CET

End of Day File

Available 18:05 CET

Detailed information about the above files are available under Protocol Specifications, Reports & File Services For more information on FDS and how to get access, please visit the FDS webpage or contact:
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