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Nasdaq Test Facility (NTF), INET Test NTF, is the external test environment for INET Nordic related tests, including market data from GCF TST4 and GCF TST3.

General information related to INET Nordic testing

Each Tuesday morning INET NTF contains a copy of latest current production reference data. However, for specific testing requirements during shorter periods, some single reference data might be changed without notification in advance. For support on this matter please contact: Cash Equity Operations at +46 8 405 6410 or

Test orderbooks (only in NTF)

INET Test (NTF) contains all orderbooks available in production. In addition to these, a number of test orderbooks are available in NTF as well. They are all named as TESTn , e.g. TEST1 STK (5-6 chrs for name 3 chrs for instrument type). These test orderbooks will be listed and delisted from time to time, without any preceding notice.

NTF Opening & Trading Hours

Open for Connectivity
  • OUCH/ITCH/GLIMPSE ports available at 04:05-23:50 CET Mon-Sun
  • FIX and FIX DROP ports available at 04:15-23:40 CET Mon-Sun
  • TIP ports (GCF TST3 & GCF TST4) available at 06:30-23:30 CET Mon-Sun 
Exceptions on Adjustment to Continuous Trading Hours in Test Environment
  • Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic will adjust opening and closing auction times for certain market segments in INET Test (NTF) on Wednesdays. See IT- notice.
Trading Schedule
  • Tuesday and Thursday = Prod hours (incl. Extended Evening Trading hours for Warrants & Certificates, going live on Sep 2, 2019)
  • Friday-Monday = Current Prod hours plus 4 hours after closing (+ 2 hours for Extended Evening Trading segments)
  • Wednesday = See IT- notice
  • First North HEL (110) extended closing hours on request for testing.
  • OMX VSE Equities (90) has prolonged opening hours Mondays and Fridays due to scheduled load, halts and failover activities.
  • OMX TSE Equities (65) has prolonged opening hours Mondays and Fridays due to scheduled load, halt and failover activities. 

Contact Cash Equity Operations, +46 8 405 6410 or, for more information on Trading Schedules per Marker Segment and state in the test environment.

NTF Test System Status

Interface Status
OUCH Available
FIX Available
FIX Drop Available
ITCH Available
GLIMPSE Available
TIP Available
NLS Available
Nordic Workstation Available
FDS Available
NOTE! The purpose is to indicate the test system status based on that INET has test environment status. Thus the information within this frame is updated on best effort.

Performance & Background Load, Halt & Failover Schemas

Day Performance Load Failover Test Background Load Trading Halt
Monday X X
Tuesday X
Wednesday X X X
Thursday X X X
Friday X X
Saturday X
Sunday X

Detailed information about:

* For more information and assistance to arrange for failover tests on FIX sessions, please contact Cash Equity Operations,, +46 8 405 6410.

NTF Functional Testing

Market Maker Order (MMO) testing
Auction On Demand (AOD) Testing
Sold-Out Buy-Back for Warrants, Certificates and Exhange Traded Notes
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