Our trading platforms are core to our identity and support global equities, options, futures, fixed income, fx, commodities, derivatives and structured products

Global Trading Across a Broad Array of Asset Classes

We offer trading around the globe across multiple asset classes to provide fair
and efficient access to liquidity.
We own and operate 10 equities markets around the world, including the largest single liquidity pool for U.S. equities. We offer several different market models in the U.S. and efficient cross-border trading, settlement and membership through one integrated European platform.
Nasdaq provides one of the most liquid cash markets in the world as the central marketplace for fixed-income activities, with a wide range of product offerings from U.S. Treasury Securities to European equities, clearing and derivatives.
Nasdaq Commodities offers efficient clearing and trading of a wide range of products, including power, natural gas and carbon emission markets, fuel oil, seafood derivatives and electricity certificates.
Operating on a state-of-the-art, high-performance and low-latency INET trading platform, Nasdaq PHLX offers sophisticated and innovative functionality to market participants in the U.S. and through our innovations in dividend futures, tailor-made combinations, algos and routing strategies, Nasdaq has become one of the largest derivatives markets in Europe.
Nasdaq operates markets in the U.S. and Nordics that are competitive listing venues designed specifically for ETFs. Our Nordic offering further includes listing and trading services for a wide array of mutual fund products.
Nasdaq Private Market helps private companies address their liquidity needs and identify and manage relationships with long-term institutional investors. 
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